Below and here is a full list of the gear I used on the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2016 and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)* in 2017.

I still use most of this original gear and otherwise try to reuse, repair, or repurpose my gear as much as possible. And, when I can’t, I’ll send it in for repair.

I believe in supporting companies that value responsible and good environmental stewardship and lifetime guarantees/repairs as a part of their business. Like the many individual steps on a long hike, little choices amount to big gains for the planet, inspiring others and saving money for future adventures.

Send me a note! If I can help, I will or I will point you to a friend or resource that can.

Hey Girl’s gear for the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) on the eve of her thru-hike in 2016.


Hey Girl’s gear for the Appalachian Trail (AT) on the eve of her thru-hike in 2017.

The Gear

See full list in Google doc here.

Not included: Food. I typically carried 3-5 days of food (~2 lbs per day) on the AT and 4-7 days of food on the PCT.

*Note: Most of the gear I used on the AT and PCT was the same, with a few substitutions for varied weather and terrain from the east coast (humid, wet, canopy dense) on the AT to west coast (dry, exposed, deep snowpack in the Sierra) on the PCT. I also had both summer & winter sleeping bags for the AT because of large changes in temperature; however, on the PCT, I only carried my winter sleeping bag the entire time.

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